Specialized Massage

Hydrä-relaxation - NEW

This enveloping treatment consists of a body exfoliation in addition to deep hydration. Perfect during a change of season or simply to relax.
60 minutes $110 | 75 minutes $138

Lavender Sweetness
Very gently, an enveloping massage with hot oil infused with lavender for the neck, hands and feet, all wrapped in warm mittens to maximize relaxation.

60 minutes $103 | 90 minutes $134


Ayurveda (neck and scalp)
Massage inspired by Indian cultures, promoting relaxation by massaging with warm coconut oil infused with rosemary. Your scalp will come out soft and silky.
60 minutes $103 | 90 minutes $134
Saganö - NEW
Let yourself be transported to the sound of the waves and the scents of the Orient. With the help of bamboo sticks and long and continuous movement you will fly over the most beautiful beaches.
60 minutes $115 | 90 minutes $173 | 120 minutes $230
A unique treatment including back exfoliation, hot stones and massage.
60 minutes $119 | 90 minutes $154
Fika - NEW
Designed for office workers. Therapeutic and focused on the neck, back and forearms. We relieve the strain caused by long periods of computer time.
45 minutes $71 | 60 minutes $110

Pyö (face) - NEW
Gentle facial treatments promoting the supply of collagen and the relaxation of facial muscles using rose water oil and small suction cups.
30 minutes $48 | 45 minutes $71

hot stones
Relaxing, detoxifying and anti-stress, this massage relaxes the muscles using hot volcanic stones.

60 minutes $119 | 90 minutes $154